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Happy baby born through successful third party surrogacy journey

Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions webpage! We understand that you may have numerous inquiries. Don't hesitate to reach out to us if you wish to delve deeper into any topic or if you have additional questions. Our dedicated team is here to provide all the answers and support you need. 

Our wonderful American, Canadian and Mexican surrogates

Compensations & Benefits

1 / What I can expect in terms of compensation?

As an agency, we firmly believe in empowering surrogates, which is why we do not dictate how much you can make. Instead, we let you and the matched intended parents decide the package while we provide expert guidance every step of the way.

In general, the compensation package range is $45,000 to $95,000. In certain cases, the compensation could be as high as $110,000, reflecting the immense gratitude and value placed on this extraordinary journey.

This comprehensive compensation package consists of base pay along with additional benefits. Generally, the base pay for surrogates ranges from $40,000 to $90,000, although in some special circumstances, it could be even more.

The base pay is structured in a way to provide consistent support throughout the journey. It is divided into 10 equal parts. After the confirmation of a heartbeat, the surrogate will start receiving 10% of her total base pay monthly. After successful delivery of the baby, typically around a certain number of weeks as per the specific gestational surrogacy agreement, the surrogate will receive any remaining base pay. This structure ensures a steady flow of compensation throughout this extraordinary journey.

2 / Benefits

The surrogate receives benefits, including a monthly allowance, clothing, embryo transfer fee, medication start fee, embryo transfer fee, childcare, housekeeping, mock cycle, and more. All expenses throughout the journey are fully covered. These benefits would be paid out throughout the surrogacy journey per the terms of the gestational surrogacy agreement. Please contact us for the details of the benefit package! 

3 / Insurance

To ensure a secure and worry-free journey, we make sure that the surrogate is well-insured throughout the entire process. Comprehensive insurance coverage is provided, guaranteeing full support for prenatal care and the birth process.

Compasionate surrogates in the USA, Canada and Mexico


1 / Criteria and Eligibility 

Thank you for considering joining the Smart Surrogacy family as a potential surrogate mother. Your interest in helping others on their journey to parenthood is highly appreciated. We've outlined some key criteria for you to review.

Health and Personal Criteria for Prospective Surrogates:

  • Age should ideally be between 21-45 years.

  • Have previously given birth to at least one child and are currently raising at least one child.

  • Your past pregnancies and deliveries should have been without complications.

  • Generally, your Body Mass Index (BMI) should be no higher than 35.

  • Residency should be in a surrogate-friendly state within the United States. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept potential surrogates from Nebraska, Louisiana, Michigan, or those living outside of the US.


Financial Criteria for Prospective Surrogates:

  • Ideally, you should not be involved in government aid programs such as cash assistance, welfare, public housing, or Section 8. However, we evaluate other types of government assistance on an individual basis.


Lifestyle and Support Criteria for Prospective Surrogates:

  • Having family support is crucial. If you're married or partnered, your partner's support is a must.

  • You should be comfortable with traveling to a fertility clinic for the in-vitro fertilization (IVF) process.

  • Please avoid the use of illegal drugs, cigarette smoking, and excessive alcohol consumption.


We acknowledge that these criteria might seem strict or overwhelming, but they're designed in accordance with the guidelines provided by fertility clinics and The American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM).

We see these surrogate criteria as an initial step to get to know you better, and above all, to ensure a smooth and successful journey for everyone involved. Thank you once again for considering Smart Surrogacy.

2 / Why Wasn't I Selected as a Surrogate Mother?

If a woman does not meet the surrogate mother requirements, it's not a reflection on her ability to have healthy, successful pregnancies in the past or in the future. Rather, it implies that the specific guidelines set by the ASRM (American Society for Reproductive Medicine) and fertility clinics, which are aimed at ensuring the highest chances of a successful surrogate pregnancy for everyone involved, have not been met.

3 / Factors Leading to the Disqualification of a Surrogate Applicant

The following are potential reasons that could lead to the non-selection of a surrogate applicant:

  • Not fitting within the required age bracket

  • Not having birthed and raised a child of your own

  • Possessing a BMI beyond the stipulated range

  • Residing outside a surrogacy-friendly state

  • Being a smoker

  • Not fulfilling the financial prerequisites

  • Lack of family and/or spousal support


It's crucial to understand that non-selection as a surrogate doesn't reflect negatively on you as an individual. It merely suggests that, based on certain parameters, a surrogate pregnancy may not align with your current health status or lifestyle. For instance, having a BMI above 33 doesn't imply an unhealthy lifestyle; it simply means you are not within the preferred range for the medications and surrogate guidelines. Surrogacy involves certain IVF medications, and clinics must ensure that the surrogate will respond favorably, thereby maximizing the chances of a successful pregnancy.

Benefits of Being a Surrogate

1 /Great things about being a surrogate

Becoming a surrogate mother is a unique journey filled with emotional rewards and the immense satisfaction of helping someone fulfill their dream of parenthood. But it also provides surrogates with substantial financial gain. The remuneration you receive as a surrogate mother is a recognition of the time, effort, and commitment you put into this important role.

This significant financial compensation can be truly life-changing. It offers you a secure way to generate income, while also providing an invaluable service to those who long for a child. This money can be used in a variety of ways, such as funding your own family's needs, securing your children's educational futures, purchasing a home, or even launching your own business.

In addition, all the medical expenses related to the surrogacy process are fully covered, ensuring you don't have to worry about any financial burdens along this journey. Thus, while you're making an extraordinary contribution to someone else's life, you're also improving your own financial situation, making surrogacy a truly rewarding experience on multiple fronts.

What Our Surrogates Say

Happy Baby
Adelina American Surrogate.png
"This agency is amazing! I love how Amber understands me and answer all of my questions and concerns. I'm a first time surrogate and so far my journey is going great! I would recommend this agency to anyone who asks me what agency I'm doing my surrogacy journey with! Thank you Amber for everything that you are doing for me and my intended parents for choosing me as their surrogate ❤️❤️"
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