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High Success Programs

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USA Surrogacy & Donation

Surrogacy: $95,000+

Egg Donation: $12,000+

At Smart Surrogacy, we passionately support your dream of expanding your family. Our devoted American surrogates and donors are enthusiastic about helping you welcome your cherished little ones. We prioritize simplifying the intricate surrogacy process, ensuring you connect with the most fitting matches, leading to a heartwarming journey to parenthood. With us, your aspiration of becoming a parent is not just a dream but a rewarding reality.

Our American surrogacy programs are inclusive, tailored to welcome all types of families and fit various budgetary needs. Our comprehensive packages start at just $95,000, encompassing surrogate compensation, prenatal care, birth expenses, legal counsel, and our recruitment and management services.

Likewise, our inclusive American egg donation programs begin at an attractive price of $12,000. This covers egg donor compensation, legal services, and our recruitment and management expertise.

While we strive to offer these starting programs at highly competitive rates, it's essential to recognize that there are multiple factors at play. Factors such as the compatibility of the surrogate's insurance with surrogacy, and the compensation preferences of the surrogate and egg donor, among others, could influence the overall cost of the journey. However, rest assured that every journey is as unique as the families we assist, and we're here to guide you every step of the way, ensuring transparency and clarity in all cost-related matters.

We are wholeheartedly committed to making the miracle of life a beautiful and accessible journey for all.

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USA · Canada Hybrid

Surrogacy: $95,000+

Egg Donation: $12,000+

​Our USA-Canada Hybrid program merges the commitment of our U.S. surrogates and egg donors with the expertise of top Canadian clinics. This fusion ensures we reach families worldwide, delivering the strengths of both regions.

Our objective is straightforward: to simplify the complexities of surrogacy. With the right matches, we strive to transform your path to parenthood into a rewarding reality.

Our hybrid offerings celebrate diversity in family dynamics and budgets. Our comprehensive packages, starting at $95,000, encompass surrogate pay, prenatal services, childbirth costs, legal assistance, and our specialized recruitment efforts.

Similarly, our U.S. egg donation options within this hybrid model prioritize both inclusiveness and cost-effectiveness. With prices starting at $12,000, these packages cover egg donor pay, legal advice, and our tailored recruitment and management services.

While we aim to provide our starting programs at competitive prices, it's crucial to understand the various elements that might affect the total cost. Elements like the surrogate's insurance suitability for surrogacy and the compensation preferences of both the surrogate and egg donor play a role. However, each journey is as individual as the families we serve, and we are committed to guiding you with complete transparency and clarity regarding all expenses.

At Smart Surrogacy, we are unwavering in our dedication, ensuring that the miracle of life is an achievable and joyous experience for all.

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Mother with her Child

Mexico Surrogacy

Surrogacy: $65,000+

Egg Donation: $6,000+

Embark on an extraordinary journey to parenthood with our specialized Mexican Surrogacy and Egg Donation Program. With surrogacy options starting from $65,000 and egg donation programs from as low as $6,000, we provide access to high-quality fertility clinics in Mexico. Here, premier medical care intersects with the country's vibrant culture and exquisite beauty.

Our program is crafted with affordability in mind, catering to diverse budget ranges without compromising on quality care. Whether you're just beginning your journey or are already on your path to parenthood, our program flexibly accommodates your unique circumstances.

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